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Hamasons is an all in One Contractors, Procurement, Construction, Agricultural and Consultancy Company.

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HAMASONS NIGERIA LIMITED has been in existence since 1983 and was incorporated in January 1989 as a Limited Liability Company. In 2003, our Renewable Energy Consultancy, Procurement and Installation Services was initiated and it projected HAMASONS NIGERIA LIMITED into becoming the pioneers of renewable energy service in Kaduna State and Nigeria. Over the years Hamasons Nigeria Limited has become one of the best procurement company, most innovative agricultural investor, the most prefered government contractor, the well-connected procurement company and biggest supplies of alternative energy solutions to the Nigerian market.

The companies’ principal activities are to import and deliver goods, construction, carry out contracts of all types and magnitude and consultancy services to customers in the Public and Private Sectors. Our customers range from individual home owners to Government Agencies. Our local research and in-depth knowledge on renewable energy caters to Non Governmental Organizations, Government Agencies, Military and Contracting Companies in Nigeria. We have a host of services available from  guiding the day to day installation activities of a property for  condominium corporations or apartment building  owners, to managing Installations after sales within a specific time.

Our extensive experience a over the years, has made us the most preferred company for the Business to Business partnership. We pride ourselves on the continued exceptional service we provide our clients and are able to provide references to all our projects.


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