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Through the strength and expertise of our team, Hamason Nigeria Limited has sustained its business success providing innovative construction solutions to complex infrastructure projects across Nigeria for over 30 years.

The team at Hamason Nigeria Limited embody’s its values of strength, performance and passion. Our employees have strong connections to these ideals, which has contributed significantly to the progressive growth

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General Contracting

Over the 30 years of our experience Hamason Nigeria Limited has built an excellent reputation and established its presence and credibility in Procurement and General Contracting.

We have grown into an equipment distributor and dealer in all kinds of products and equipment and this has garnered many awards from our international partners and key customers in Nigeria.


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Since our inception, we have delivered end-to-end solutions to our clients in challenging and complex energy projects that meet the highest degree of quality and the most noteworthy level of value.

Our investments in the Oil and Gas, Power, Mining and lately renewable energy cuts across Abuja, Kaduna and Niger State. Our National reach and local touch is demonstrated by our affiliation with International Partners.


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Why Choose Us

Our History, Capital Base, Professional Team and Character underpin our Success.

Consultancy Services

We offer free consultancy services on ongoing projects to our clients. we share with clients our extensive knowledge of the local marketplace on a wide range of services, including general construction, construction management, project management, monitoring, interior fit-outs, design-build-finance, maintenance & commissioning services, equipment planning & supply, and comprehensive pre-construction engineering.

Maintenance Services

We offer expert maintenance and follow up management services for all our concluded projects of all sizes. Our vast expertise and many years of experience in the industry allows us to deliver top notch maintenance and management services that are amongst the best in Nigeria.

Services include agricultural and farm management, health, safety and environment management, field engineering, quality assurance, contracts management, field procurement, materials management, field IT support, field project controls, constructability and construction planning.

Bulding Transport

We offer free transportation services on all ongoing projects to our clients. Our track record has shown that we are the preferred contractors in Nigeria when it come to goods transportation and deliver from anywhere in the world.

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